Michiana Aircraft Service Inc.

High Level Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics Shop

Michiana Aircraft Service Inc. is a Repair Station, a Cessna Service Center, and an Avionics Shop providing top quality workmanship. We also have extensive knowledge on Beechcraft, Piper, and Lear.

Michiana Aircraft Service Inc. Building Entrance Michiana Aircraft Service Inc. Entrance Inside

Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

All maintenance and inspections are strictly adhered to under the provisions set forth by FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations). Our annual inspection rates are published for easy access any time.

Discrepancies noted after the inspection phase would be made known to the aircraft owner(s) immediately. We perform no work without your approval.

FAA Certification

Michiana Aircraft Service Inc. is a FAA certified repair station for specialized services, Airfram class 3, and PowerPlant(limited). View our repair service ratings at the FAA.

Maintenance Scheduling

For aircraft maintenance scheduling, please contact:

Our Director of Maintenance Steve Purvis frequently attends various industry training in addition to attending Regulator, Repair Station, Safety Assurance and Human Factors training.

FAA Repair Station
FAA Repair Station
Lycoming Certificate

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about parts, part sales, maintenance, services, inspections, hour and rates, or anything else related to what Michiana Aircraft Service Inc. has to offer or how we can help you, we encourage you to contact us at maintenance@michianaaircraft.com Alternatively, if you need to contact a staff member directly their contact information can also be found below.

Contact Information

Michiana Aircraft Service Inc.

4323 Progress Drive

South Bend, IN 46628

Phone: (574) 287 4687

Normal Business Hours:
     Monday - Friday
     7:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m EST

* After Hour Assistance is Available by Phone or Email

  • Director of Maintenance - Seth Parker
  • Office Manager - Reanna Traxler
  • Chief Inspector - Norbert Paas
  • Chief Avionics Inspector - Joshua Wade
  • Useful Information and Helpful Links

    Aircraft Electronics Association Member
    South Bend International Airport

    Airport Communications

    More information can be found at: Airnav.com
    • CTAF: 118.9
    • ATIS: 120.675
    • WX ASOS: PHONE 574-251-2652
    • SOUTH BEND GROUND: 121.7
      [0530-0000 SUN-FRI, 0530-2345 SAT.]
    • SOUTH BEND TOWER: 118.9 257.8
      [0530-0000 SUN-FRI, 0530-2345 SAT.]
    • SOUTH BEND APPROACH 118.55 (270-099) 132.05 (100-269) 257.8
      [0530-0000 SUN-FRI, 0530-2345 SAT.]
    • CHICAGO ARTCC APPROACH: 124.1 (100-269)
      [0000-0530 SUN-FRI, 2345-0530 SAT.]
    • CLASS C: 124.1 (100-269) 132.05 (100-269) 257.8
    • CLASS C IC: 118.55 (270-099)
    • WX AWOS-3 at EKM (14 nm E): 124.475 (574-264-9002)