Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

All maintenance and inspections are strictly adhered to under the provisions set forth by FAR's (Federal Acquisition Regulations).

  • Oxygen Service
  • Nitrogen Servicing
  • Heater Decay Testing
  • AMSAFE airbag restraint system
  • Garmin 1000 series testing and system repair
  • Dye penetrate inspections
  • Maintenance Tracking
  • Technical Support
  • Product Support
  • Experienced and knowledgeable mechanics
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Prop balancing

Our annual inspection rates are published for easy access at any time. The annual/100 hour inspection flat rate charges include the following inspection and service labors:

  • Documentation of completed inspection including required logbook entries
  • Engine compression test completed and results recorded
  • Engine pre-inspection run-up
  • Open interior and exterior inspection panels
  • Air filter element replacement
  • Clean, gap and reinstall of all spark plugs
  • Inspect and clean pressure and suction oil screens and/or open and inspect oil filter
  • Inspect and clean fuel screens and strainers and drain carburetor fuel bowl
  • Oil change
  • Clean injectors
  • Clean engine
  • Complete airframe and engine inspection
  • Inspect aircraft battery
  • Landing gear retraction/rig check
  • Lubricate aircraft
  • Clean, inspect and repack wheel bearings
  • Replenish hydraulic brake reservoirs
  • Close interior and exterior inspection panels
  • Engine post-inspection run-up

Discrepancies noted after the inspection phase would be made known to the aircraft owner(s) immediately. We perform no work without your approval.

For Maintenance, Service and Annual Inspections please contact: Steve Purvis

Michiana Aircraft Services Maintenance Michiana Aircraft Services Maintenance