Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

All maintenance and inspections are strictly adhered to under the provisions set forth by FAR's (Federal Acquisition Regulations).

  • Weight and Balance Capabilities - for most Corporate Jet Aircraft as well as General Aviation
  • Landing Gear Checks - Hydraulic and Electric
  • Prop Balance
  • Combustion Heater Testing
  • Prebuy/Annual Progressive Inspections
  • Aircraft Detailing
  • Airframe Repairs
  • Limited Engine Repair
  • STC Speed Mods
  • Engine Analyzer Installations
  • Oil Analysis

Discrepancies noted after the inspection phase would be made known to the aircraft owner(s) immediately. We perform no work without your approval.

For Maintenance, Service and Annual Inspections please contact: Maintenance

Michiana Aircraft Service Maintenance Michiana Aircraft Service Maintenance